Man, it is hard to keep updates in all the right spots!


The 23rd we were back on EUP with Scott and a couple members of Nebraska Paranormal, that is always fun.

We are going over footage from a Saturday night case as well, so keep an eye out for that.

That is about it for now!

I will try to keep it refreshed as much as possible.


Hey, the new logo has been added to our main page, myspace, facebook, and twitter for all the world to see.

I am really happy how cool it turned out, especially on the t-shirts. That are available, BTW, for $10 or $12 for XXL and above.

Get them now!
Hey all!

Join us at 10am on 89.3 KZUM for a special Halloween edition of EUP.

Tune in or listen on-line at Call in and talk to CPI and Members of Nebraska Paranormal Society.

Studio line is (402) 474-5086

We are in the middle of getting shirts made. We have T-shirts for $10, plus sizes for $12. These are single color black t-shirts.

We have Mechanic shirts, for investigators ONLY. These are color and more expensive.

Visit the forums for more info.

We are also going to do the morning show on Pure Rock 104.1 the Blaze (KIBZ) the week of Halloween. Details on what day are forthcoming.

On Halloween morning we will be on 89.3fm KZUM at around 10:30am.

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I know it has been a while since I blogged, but I am back now.

Lots has been happening! We had a case in Garland, NE-this was a cool trip for us. Not much on the evidence, but nice to travel a bit.

We re-investigated a prior case and got some different EVPs and some photographs-the pictures I posted.

We are planning a road trip to Carson, IA to investigate a restaurant-keep eyes open for more details.
Our last meeting proved very productive!

We are organizing several new investigations and looks as if we are going to have a busy fall, hopefully moving into the winter.

The team is in good spirits and looking forward to an investigation roadtrip to Kansas. Keep you updated!
Our new EMF guage has been ordered and is on the way. It should arrived just in time for our next investigation.
We are more than two weeks into the picture investigation and things are moving well. We have had a bit of unusual action and I have gotten permission from the client to keep the photo longer to see if we can get more from the investigation.
We are gearing up for the next investigation. It is a unique one to say the least, so keep checking back to see what it is.
We wrapped on the latest investigation and have moved into the evidence review phase.

Have no fear, the tireless people of CPI are combing through the video, pictures, and audio we collected.