This is our ever growing list of equipment

Mini-DVD Video recorder

This mini-DVD handheld camera is used for collecting video, and in some cases digital pictures, to be processed for evidence. It can be used on a tripod if an area needs more lengthy recording.

Digital Audio Recorder

This is a handheld voice recorder that is used during EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, to collect disembodied answers, or any anomalies, to questions investigators ask.

Digital Thermometer

Handheld digital thermometer, that using a laser to show where reading has been taken, that allows us to quickly get a temperature reading during an investigation.

Instant Camera

An old school way to get an image right away. We do not use it very often, opting to use a digital medium whenever possible. It does offer a non-computerized picture that can eliminate some anomalies found with digital photos.

Digital Camera

Used to collect still photographs of investigation sites. Easy to use, tons of storage, crisp images-this is a very common piece of equipment. The only issue is that the user needs to be aware of common anomalies that can occur and be mistaken as paranormal evidence.

KII Meter

The KII meter is another version of the EMF gauge. Instead of a digital or analog readout it has a set of colored lights to identify Magnetic fields. It has recently found a place as a new way to seemingly communicate with spirits during an investigation. It has been shown to allow spirits to light up the light bar when prompted or when asked “yes/no” questions.

EMF Gauge

The EMF Gauge is a arguable must have. It can help investigators track electro-magnetic fields within an investigation site to verify if they are indeed an anomaly or part of the home’s electrical profile.

IR Cameras

These cameras are portable cameras that we can position anywhere in an investigation site. They function well in regular light, low light, and no light. When linked to a DVR system, it is a great way for us to log enormous amount of video for review.

DVR System

The DVR is a standalone hard drive that we can route IR cameras, and etc., through for video footage storage. It allows us to record all our digital video directly into our DVR for a more convenience.

Motion Sensor Camera

The motion sensor camera is a box camera that can be strapped or placed on a tri-pod and set to record still photographs or video via an IR camera and digital display encased within. The technology it uses is a variable sensitivity that can be set for various distances so the camera will record only when it senses movement in a specific area. It is a great piece of equipment that we can place in a room, set the motion sensitivity and let run for as long as we want intermittent coverage of an area.

Night Vision Scope

This is an independent scope that we can mount to a camera for zero light recording. It is a versatile piece in the way that we can use it real time as well as with a recording device. While it is, in my opinion, not as good as our IR cameras, it allows us an extra ability to view in no light conditions for evidence collections.