Active Team Members-

The following are the tireless investigators of Crossroads Para-Investigations. They strive to make every meeting, every investigation, and are constantly keeping up to speed with what the team’s next move is.

Ted Pool-Founder/Lead Investigator

I have always been drawn to the world of the paranormal. I grew up in the late 70's and 80's and to me it seemed like it was flooded with the paranormal.  So for me it was natural to be attracted to such things, plus I wanted to know more about what is out there and why it is. 

I don't remember when exactly my interest first started, but I do remember a huge paranormal influence on me growing up was the night I saw the episode of "That's Incredible" where they were showing proof of a ghost that haunted a California, where I lived at the time, Toys 'R' Us.

I was hooked!

It was amazing and my interest has grown by leaps and bounds since.

Holly Pool-Founder/Investigator/Research Lead

I am interested in this field because I want to find out what is out there, the next for us. I want to have an experience with the paranormal and be able to gather evidence to show people that there is something more than the physical world around us.

Warren Woita-Investigator

I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a little kid.  There was an occurrence when I was a child that I could not explain.  Over the years I have done a lot of research to become more educated about paranormal events.  I am truly excited to become part of this team and to understand more about unexplainable events.

Andrew Lovercheck-Investigator

Having grown up in my grandmothers house for half my life, I started to notice some strange happening. I started to feel that something was in their house I became enthralled with the paranormal and have been doing investigations personally for over 6 years.

Shannon Schmidt-Investigator

I was raised in Northeast Nebraska in a farming community where abandoned houses were found littered throughout pastures and along minimum maintenance roads.  For fun, my friends and I explored them late at night hoping to find something "ghostly", but always coming out empty handed and scared by the sounds of our own voices.  Though nothing ever came out of the "investigations", I found myself wanting to know more about the paranormal.  I have never had an experience but am excitedly anticipating my first true experience.  I am always looking for more knowledge but most of my time is spent working and with my family.  I have a very large family and am married with an almost 2 year old son.

Andy De Vore-Investigator

Born and raised in Southern California; moved to Lincoln in 1994. I have been fascinated by the paranormal since I was a kid. I used to take everything at face value. But since shows like Ghosthunters, and books like The Amityville Horror Conspiracy have come about, I have learned that debunking is key to an investigation. You can usually explain away 99% of a 'haunting' as normal, not paranormal. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, reading books and watching horror movies. But the most exciting thing in my life is my wife and two little boys. Spending time with them is the best way I can spend a day.

Keith May-Investigator

Beginning when I was a child, looking for ghosts and other spooky things in my Grandmas abandoned farm house attic, I have always wondered about the afterlife and what it holds for everyone. I was fascinated with fear of the unknown. I spent the first year of school in a private catholic school and quickly found that religion was "Not My Bag Baby". So having opened my mind past just dying and floating up to a cloud to see everyone that went before you, I had decided that there had to be more than that out there; It seemed to fairytale-ish. So that is where my interest came from. As far as experience and what drew me to CPI... an outlet for curiosity and enjoyment along with hopefully helping some scared and worried people find answers or ways to deal with their situations. I have also had my own unexplainable experiences at a previous residence, along with my wife and son, that further convinced me that some people, for whatever reason, can’t move on to the next plane of existence. Once again I am not a religious person, but I do hold strong morals and am a firm believer in karma and spirituality of the non-church variety. My wife (in which our first date was a VERY amateur ghost hunt) actually convinced me to find people with similar interests and maybe together find more answers and have more experiences, & I must say, this group of people is right where I want be. No one here has any sort of personal agendas; we all just love the unexplainable & have a hunger for digging deeper.

Deb Johns-Investigator

Bio Coming Soon!

Reserve Team Members-

These folks make up our support members. They, due to various reasons, are not available as often as they would like, but still make it to meetings and investigations when they can.

Chris Bartek-Investigator

Bio Coming Soon!

Brian Hansen-Investigator

I've been interested in the paranormal for a while. I have had a few weird experiences that I could not explain, but I still bring a skeptical view to the team. I am always trying to keep an open mind, still waiting for the real evidence of ghost.

Tanya Hansen-Investigator

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YSAI Educational Program-

It is important to educate people on the paranormal, so why not start with our youth. Their natural curiosity makes them great potential investigators. It has always been said that children are able to see and are more attuned to the paranormal because they are more open minded and have not been shackled with the “rules” or our society, and the world, about things beyond the physical realm. The following courageous youth are the first step in educating and training quality investigators to perform quality investigations and strive to constantly question what is going on around them.

This is not a children's investigators group, rather a slow introductory educational program to get youth interested in the paranormal and craft good habits as investigators.