Why we are here?!

We have all been united in an overwhelming curiosity in the paranormal. It is a very interesting field to study and yields just as much frustration as satisfaction.

Constantly searching for the answers to what is next is how Crossroads Para-investigations came into being. Personally, the question remains, "What happens after we leave our physical body?" There has to be something more or else what is the point of living in the first place.

We all have different perspectives, different talents, and different ways to investigate. All lead us to uncovering as much about the otherworld as possible.

It is our mission to be as professional and dependable a group as possible. Our clients deserve to have their concerns addressed in a positive manner. We hear all the time from client, or just anyone telling us a ghostly tale, that so and so thinks they are crazy, and etc.

We want to uncover the truth behind what issues are clients are dealing with; whatever the source.

This field deserves quality investigators and investigations.

Additionally, it is a goal to become a TAPS family member. There are a lot of great teams out there, but TAPS has done more positive work for this field in such a public forum that they are well regarded and allowed to do investigations where other groups would have never been able to. They have also opened the door for other teams to further their groups.

The CPI Team is always moving forward. The future will bring more team members, more equipment, and more locations.

We are involving ourselves in an intensive “link exchange” with other paranormal groups and sites, so keep an eye out on your favourite paranormal site’s link page.

We are always expanding our inventory to include a wider range of equipment, more digital recorders, IR cameras, KII meters, EMF gauges, and etc.

We are always looking for members. More people mean more perspectives to work from, sp please feel free to contact us for an interview.

Just like people, a range of locations gives us a greater chance of evidence discovery.

We are also developing an educational program to help hone investigative skills and form good investigative habits.