Our new EMF guage has been ordered and is on the way. It should arrived just in time for our next investigation.
We are more than two weeks into the picture investigation and things are moving well. We have had a bit of unusual action and I have gotten permission from the client to keep the photo longer to see if we can get more from the investigation.
We are gearing up for the next investigation. It is a unique one to say the least, so keep checking back to see what it is.
We wrapped on the latest investigation and have moved into the evidence review phase.

Have no fear, the tireless people of CPI are combing through the video, pictures, and audio we collected.
Well, the day is finally here.

We were able to work out the details and now we are only a few hours away from our next case.

Our new investigators are excited to get on a case and I think it will be a great chance for our new people "on the job".

Stay tuned for details!
So, we have had our first meeting with all the great people that have contacted us about becoming investigators with CPI. It was a nice and casual event at Lincoln Espresso.

I was very excited about the energy I was getting from eveyone and I am glad to say that the team is growing in a positive way.

On the heels of our first meeting is our next case. We have had a preliminary breifing and now we will be conducting out investigation next week. I will post details after we finish it.

Talk to you all later!